Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Francis, Mercy and the SSPX

Well, I've given them three chances, and each time they've binned my comment.  So here's the comment that the National Catholic Reporter, Fr Z's favourite newspaper, wouldn't print.  This was in response to their story that Pope Francis is acknowledging that anyone who goes to confession to a SSPX priest does so validly and licitly.

"Not sure how the SSPX is 'schismatic' (as stated in the article) or 'fundamentalist' (as a commenter complains). Being excommunicated (as the bishops of the society were, automatically, upon their consecration) doesn't make someone schismatic.  As someone who's had to endure the Bugnini-Montini liturgy for 45 years, I'm grateful to the SSPX for keeping the Tridentine rite alive. If it weren't for them, it's unlikely there'd have been a Summorum Pontificum. Now that I actually live near one of their Mass centres, I'm glad to attend when I can, and I'm glad I can attend the Tridentine Mass at a local parish church as well.

Pope Francis's move took me a bit by surprise, given what's been done to the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate, but it's good news to me.

The carping about abortion and excommunication is rather tiresome. This is NOT a 'gender issue', as seems to be the implication: note that anyone who participates in or facilitates an abortion (the abortionist, for instance) is excommunicated, not just the mother. I truly don't know the history of why this particular crime incurs excommunication latae sententiae, but it's one of a handful of offenses that does, including, interestingly, the consecration of a bishop without the pope's permission (which is how poor Archbishop Lefebvre got his)."

Go have a read over there, and then help me understand why I got banned.  Was it my reference to 'enduring' the Novus Ordo (something that gets harder to do the older I get)?  Did they not like my suggestion that if you get excommunicated you can hardly be accused of schism?  (Some might call that 'passive schism', but come on--the SSPX may or may not have been pushed, but they sure didn't jump.)  Odd...

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